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The worlds best cloud text editor for publishers and researchers

We use state of the art technology to assist you in creating journal documents in multiple formats.


Our text editor lets you collaborate with other users while working on your paper.

Easy to use

Our system lets you type away, while we handle annoying tasks like citing your refrences.


Our text editor is easy to use and affordable for everybody.

How it works

Your ideas, our system

We provide state of the art technology to create your research papers efficiently.

  • Collaborate with others and share ideas.
  • Make your writing easier by citing your refrences for you.
  • Access your document from anywhere around the world.
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Who Are We?

Our Team

Our team is made of gifted programmers and entrepeneurs, we want to make journal creation easier for publishers.

We are located in Miami, Florida, but you can use our services anywhere you go. We are researchers at heart so we understand the frustration of creating a research paper from scratch.


Our plans

We offer a variety of packages suitable for individuals and companies.



  • No collaborators
  • Normal options
  • Phone support
Premium User

$45/ mo.

  • Collaborators
  • Advanced options
  • Phone support

$75/ mo.

  • Collaborators
  • Unlimited papers
  • Advanced options
  • Phone support
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